Adventures of Little Peter: Secret of the Basement-Witches

By Sonny Long


“Peter!” Jonah yelled. “Little Pete!” Jonah had been looking for the hero of this story all morning, but to no avail. He searched high, he searched low. Finally, he decided to go super low: The basement. That’s where Little Peter went when he was super upset about stuff.


Jonah walked the length of the stairs to find Little Peter sitting in silence in the basement. The lights were off and there was no noise coming from anywhere except Jonah’s footsteps creaking on the stairs.


“Peter? What are you doing? It’s time for dinner.” Jonah lifted Little Peter’s spoon to show him. It was Little Peter’s favorite dish: baby food.


“Go away,” Little Peter said. “It’s too late for me.”


“What are you talking about, baby brother?” Jonah asked. He was growing nervous. Little Peter never refused his evening feedings.


“I got bit by a black cat earlier in the day.” Little Peter sounded upset, distraught. He lifted his finger to show Jonah his booboo. “Look!”


“Oh, no… “ Jonah knew what he had to do. Jonah went into the other room and unveiled the broadsword of old. “The basement-witches are here, aren’t they?”


“I said get out of here!” Little Peter screamed. “It’s too late!”


Suddenly, Little Peter began changing. His eyes were turning into an unnatural red color. His body was morphing; it was becoming scaly and dark. He was growing in size at an unprecedented rate. Jonah lifted his sword, saying the chants of the old Norse heroes.


Little Peter was still growing, taking off the top of the house with him. He began breathing fire down upon Jonah, but Jonah tucked and rolled to cover.


“Peter, no!” Jonah squealed. “I’ll save you!” Jonah ran toward the dragon, dodging fire and probably frost. Little Peter was an Elder Dragon, so he could probably do all of that stuff. Jonah lunged, successfully jumping onto the dragon’s back and holding onto a scale, even after the dragon started thrashing about.


Little Peter flapped his wings, flying up into the sky. Jonah held on as tightly as he could, fearing he would soon fall off if Little Peter flew up any higher. Jonah was still climbing, slowly making his way to Little Peter’s head. Once to the top of the dragon, Jonah gained his footing and lifted the broadsword with both hands. He hesitated before acting.


“I’m sorry, brother,” Jonah said, crying due to his sudden need to murder his brother. “I wish there was another way.”


Suddenly, Little Peter began laughing. He turned his head slightly, throwing Jonah off of his head down to his back.


“What’s so funny, beast?!” Jonah screamed.


“I’m not actually a dragon!” Little Peter was cracking up. “There’s no basement-witches. I made it all up.”


Jonah felt pretty stupid for believing all of the nonsense Little Peter tricked him into thinking.


“I guess I should have known,” Jonah replied solemnly.


“You must feel like an idiot.”


“I do.”

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