Adventures of Little Peter: Vance and the Prized Hog Pt. 1

By Sonny Long


Extra Large Rhonda stood in her kitchen. She was making dinner for herself and for her mother. She took her eyes off of the porridge and gazed outside. The sun was setting and it cast stark shadows against the ground. Extra Large Rhonda smiled. She knew her mother would be home soon and she would have to hurry if she was to be done in time.


Suddenly, the front door burst open and a hog ran through the kitchen and out the back door. Following behind was Little Peter and Jonah. They breezed by and pushed Extra Large Rhonda into the refrigerator, knocking her porridge over and spilling it all over the floor. They didn’t even take a moment to look at what they had done. The hog was more important as they continued chasing it out the back door.


Once Extra Large Rhonda had taken a moment to compose herself, she screamed out: “Peter!”


No response. Little Peter and Jonah were long gone by that point.


Extra Large Rhonda grabbed some paper towel and bent over to pick up the spilt porridge. Before she could finish cleaning, the hog came running back through with Little Peter riding on top of it.


“Peter! What do you think you’re doing?!” Extra Large Rhonda screamed to Little Peter. “You spilt my porridge!”


“We freed Vance’s hog,” Little Peter explained briefly. “Then we caught it. We’re gonna go give it back now.”


Jonah ran into the kitchen to join his brother and Extra Large Rhonda. “Hey, you caught the pig!” Jonah’s face lit up upon seeing his little brother riding on top of the pig. “Let’s go give it back to Vance now.”


“Vance… as in mob boss Vance?” Extra Large Rhonda asked worriedly. “Why would you do that?! Is that his prized hog?!”


Jonah and Little Peter looked to each other with confused expressions and shrugged in unison.


Extra Large Rhonda peered out of the window and there was a car pulling up to the curb. A man hung out of the car window and began unloading the magazine of his machine gun into the side of the house.


Little Peter sprang into action, jumping over the table and attempting to do a backflip. Jonah caught him in midair and held him tightly to the ground to protect him.


Once the hail of gunfire had ended, Little Peter stood up and said: “Yeah, mob boss Vance’s pig.”


“The prized one,” Jonah included.


Extra Large Rhonda ran outside and peered at the side of the house. The bullets embedded in the house spelt out a warning. They spelt out: “Warning.”

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