Adventures of Little Peter: Vance and the Prized Hog Pt. 2

By Sonny Long


For Part 1, click here.


Little Peter and Jonah brought Extra Large Rhonda back to the Mini Mansion to formulate a plan to get the prized hog back to Vance and get his henchman off of their backs. Extra Large Rhonda was reluctant to go, so she’s tied up for this part of the story. She was still attempting to talk, but to no avail.


Little Peter looked to Jonah, a sense of fear and anger boiling together in his eyes. Jonah looked back to Little Peter, passion burning in his. They decided to put their feelings aside for the moment to think rationally on how to deal with the situation.


“Brother, there’s only one thing we can do: Call a meeting with Vance and explain that it was just a joke,” Jonah said, hoping Little Peter would agree.


Little Peter lunged into action, effectively biting Extra Large Rhonda’s third toe from the right on her left foot off. She was losing blood rapidly. Jonah was terrified, but not surprised.


“Peter!” Jonah screamed. “This is no time for tomfoolery!”


“Sorry, it was… it was just a good opportunity.” Little Peter began twitching sporadically.


“Back to the plan,” Jonah began. “I was thinking that we could set up a trap to capture one of Vance’s henchman and get him to set up a meeting with Vance for us. Sound good?” Jonah looked back over to Little Peter. He had another of Extra Large Rhonda’s toes in his mouth. Jonah shook his finger to show disapproval.


Little Peter spat the toe out and sat down with legs crossed to show attentiveness. “I’m ready to do your plan, brother. But first, two more toes?”




“One more toe?”




Little Peter’s entire body fell to the ground and he started shaking uncontrollably, foam coming out of his mouth and falling to the floor. Jonah wasn’t ready to give in, though.


“Stop,” Jonah said suddenly. “Get up.” He motioned for Little Peter to stand up.


Little Peter got to his feet.


Jonah had a determined look in his eyes. “We’re going.”

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