Adventures of Little Peter: Vance and the Prized Hog Pt. 3

By Sonny Long


For Part 2, click here.

Little Peter walked down the street, his head turning cautiously to see if anyone else was approaching. He was wearing a duster, which hid his frail, old body. He felt nervous, a feeling he hadn’t felt in a long time. Jonah was down the road a bit the other way, watching Little Peter’s back for ne’erdowells. They were usually around this part of town- by the 10th Street coffee shops.


Suddenly, a group of Ballers came around the corner. Little Peter turned his back to them quickly and began walking the other way. He turned fast enough that they most likely hadn’t seen his face. However, another group came out from the other side. Little Peter reached for his earpiece and spoke into it: “Get me out of here, brother. They’re closing in.” He spoke softly enough that no one approaching would overhear him.


“Sorry, brother,” Jonah said regretfully. “The area’s too hot. We can’t afford to send in your ride just yet.”


“Dammit, brother!” Little Peter howled back. “Get me out of here!”


The Ballers were getting close. They rode their bikes up to Little Peter with intent. One of them sounded the horn from the top of his twelve-speed. These middle schoolers meant business.


Little Peter knew there was no escape. He flung his duster open to reveal himself to the Ballers. His muscles bulged from his massive body, his six-pack glistened in the evening sun.


“What can I help you with?” Little Peter asked the Ballers as they circled him. There were twelve of them in total. The leader stepped off of his bike and approached Little Peter. The tike wore a blazer complete with ripped jeans.


“Mr. Little Peter,” the boy stated in a British accent. “It’s been far too long.”


“Reggie? Is that you?” Little Peter asked excitedly.


“Talk to me. What’s going on down there?” Jonah asked through Little Peter’s earpiece. Little Peter ignored Jonah and continued conversing with the boy.


“It is me,” Reggie said. “It’s been far too long. We should catch up some time. If I don’t have to kill you first, that is.” Reggie began laughing. Little Peter joined in the laughing as well.


“Wait, what?”


“You stole Mr. Vance’s pig, no? Yes, you did. You have until tomorrow to return the pig to Mr. Vance,” the British boy said.


“Good, that’s exactly what we want,” Jonah blurted out enthusiastically.


“Not unless I have anything to say about it!” Little Peter said, unveiling a stick of dynamite with a timer on it. It was set to explode in a matter of seconds.


“He’s got a bomb!” Reggie exclaimed. He hopped back on his bike and drove away with the other Ballers.


Little Peter threw the stick of dynamite and allowed it to explode behind the Ballers, giving them just enough time to escape, but destroying a fire hydrant in the process.


“What did you just do?!” Jonah screamed in horror.


“I decided we’re keeping that pig.”

Click here for Part 4.

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